• Participation in the AVID Program

    Implementation of the AVID Program will be schoolwide at Oxford Intermediate School (grade 6). Students in grades 6-12 will have the opportunity to enroll in AVID elective classes.

    Who may participate in the AVID elective class?

    Students who have the potential and desire to attend a four-year college and:

    • are generally in the “academic middle”, or B/C students,
    • must maintain a 2.75 GPA,
    • are capable of being successful in rigorous curriculum and willing to enroll in Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) courses through grades 6-12,
    • have a good attendance record and positive work habits, and/or
    • possess a special circumstance where AVID can support.

    Students interested in enrolling in the AVID elective class should submit an application to the AVID site coordinator.

Last Modified on January 24, 2024