• Technology and Software

    Tier 3 Supports for Grades K-4

    • Students in grades K-4 who are placed on Tier 3 for Reading use the Spire program for extra support. This program is a research-proven reading intervention program aimed at helping non-readers and struggling readers. Learn more about the Spire program.
    • Students needing more support in Tier 3 for Math are enrolled in a technology-based course through i-Ready. The i-Ready program uses adaptive diagnostics to pinpoint specific skills that need to be enhanced. Ongoing progress monitoring helps teachers customize this program so the students may catch up on deficit skills. View a sample i-Ready report.

    Tier 3 Supports for Grades 5-12

    • Edgenuity is the online learning component used to help students in grades 5-12 address learning gaps. Students may be enrolled in courses to help recover credits or units of instruction. Teachers are trained to use this program to help students regain previously lost learning experiences. Learn more about Edgenuity.
Last Modified on July 28, 2017