• OIS Dress Code Guidelines

    In an attempt to clarify expectations concerning dress code, here are some simple guidelines:

    • For boys and girls the length of any pants, shorts, and dresses must extend at least to the tip of the child’s fingers when the child’s arms hang naturally at their side.
    • When snug or form-fitting pants are worn (such as leggings, jeggings, or any tight-fitting pant), then a top of appropriate length must be worn. A jacket is not considered a top. Appropriate length is still fingertip length as described above.
    • Nylon or cotton athletic shorts of appropriate length may be worn. Shorts made of mesh material are considered gym shorts and are not suitable for the classroom. Jogging/running shorts are typically shorter than the required length and are therefore not suitable for the classroom. Example:
      Appropriate shorts for boys.
    • Warm-up pants may be worn. They must meet all other dress code requirements.
    • Clothing must be free from holes. A hole is defined as skin or other clothing being visible under the garment. If a hole is patched so that skin is not visible through the hole of the garment, then it is considered appropriate school attire.
    • If a sheer item is worn, then a school-appropriate garment must be visible under the sheer garment. No exposed under-garments or camisole tops.

    These guidelines address some but not all expectations of the dress code. The complete dress code can be found here.

    On the first offense if a child is out of compliance with the dress code then the parent will be contacted to bring the student appropriate clothing.

    On the second and subsequent offenses the child will be subject to In School Suspension.

    Under no circumstances will a child be permitted to attend class if they are found to be out of compliance with dress code.

Last Modified on August 2, 2016