• Bus Discipline

    Parents, school principals, and principal designees will be notified if a student violates the rules for appropriate bus conduct. The school principal (or designee) will receive a conduct referral form from the driver when a school rule is violated. The school principal (or designee) will have a conference with the student and issue disciplinary action based on the infraction. A student will receive a copy of the referral form to take home to his/her parent or a copy will be mailed to the parents. If a student is suspended from the bus, the parents will be notified of the suspension and the duration of time for the suspension.

    Minor Bus Infractions

    1. Loud talking and/or yelling
    2. Drinking or eating on the bus
    3. Not meeting bus promptly
    4. Putting any part of body outside bus window
    5. Not staying seated in the bus seat
    6. Throwing objects out the bus window
    7. Noncompliance with driver instructions
    8. Unloading at an unauthorized stop
    9. Any action deemed by the driver as a minor infraction

    Consequences for Minor Bus Infractions

    Consequences for committing minor bus infractions may include a warning, an assigned seat, or the student may be suspended from riding the bus altogether. Principals (or their designee) have the discretion to modify consequences if circumstances justify it.

    • 1st infraction: Warning and/or Assigned Seat
    • 2nd infraction: 1-day suspension
    • 3rd infraction: 3-day suspension
    • 4th infraction: 5-day suspension
    • 5th infraction: 10-day suspension
    • 6th infraction: 90-day suspension

    Major Bus Infractions

    1. Fighting or pushing
    2. Arguing with the driver
    3. Using tobacco, drugs, vapes, or alcohol
    4. Tampering with any safety device on the bus (emergency door, window, roof hatch, etc.)
    5. Vandalizing the bus
    6. Defiance of authority
    7. Using any type of profanity
    8. Any act which endangers other riders or driver

    Consequences for Major Bus Infractions

    Students who commit a major infraction may be punished in the following manner. Any vandalism to the bus will result not only in suspension of service but the student will be required to reimburse the school district for repair of the damage. Suspension of services will not be lifted until restitution for damages has been made. If it is determined a student should be suspended from the bus, the at risk team should meet with parents so they fully understand the seriousness of the offense.

    • 1st infraction: 10-day suspension
    • 2nd infraction: 90-day Suspension
    • 3rd infraction: 180-day Suspension

    School Options

    Additionally, consequences as prescribed by the Code of Conduct Brochure may be implemented by school administrators depending upon the nature and severity of the infraction.

    To Appeal the Denial of Bus Service

    An appeal of the decision to suspend a student from a bus may be submitted in any one of the following ways:

    The Chief of Student Services will review all written requests and inform the parent of the results of the appeal.