• Discipline Procedures

    Disciplinary actions are designed to teach students self-discipline and to help them demonstrate appropriate behavior. When it is necessary to impose discipline, school administrators and teachers will follow an age-appropriate discipline process. The degree of discipline imposed by each school official will be in proportion to the severity of the behavior of a particular student and will take into account the student’s discipline history, the age of the student, and other relevant factors. When discipline measures are imposed, a parent or guardian will be notified by school personnel.

    This Code of Conduct provides a process of behavioral correction in which inappropriate behaviors are followed by consequences. Except as may otherwise be provided in state or federal law, the range of disciplinary actions which may be imposed for violations of the Code of Conduct includes, but is not limited to the following:

    • Warning and/or Counseling with a School Administrator, Counselor, or Behavior Coach
    • Loss of Privileges
    • Isolation or Time Out
    • Temporary Removal from Class or Activity
    • Notification of Parents
    • Parent Conference
    • Detention (Morning, Lunch, or Afternoon)
    • Saturday School
    • In-School Suspension (Behavioral)
    • Out-of-School Suspension
    • Placement in the Alternative Education Program
    • Referral to a Disciplinary Hearing for Expulsion
    • Referral to ReGroup (formerly known as Day Treatment)
    • Suspension or Expulsion from the School Bus
    • Referral to Law Enforcement: Mississippi law requires that certain acts of misconduct be referred to the appropriate law enforcement officials.
    • Community Service
    • Detention
    • Restriction
    • Parent/Student Conferences
    • Suspension after School

    The school will refer any act of misconduct to law enforcement officials when school officials determine such referral to be necessary or appropriate.