• Administrative Statements

    Teachers are expected to maintain order and discipline in the classroom and to handle minor infractions appropriately. When offenses are repetitious, or of a serious nature, the violators should be referred to the principal’s office. Effective July 1, 2004 teachers have the authority to remove students from classrooms in accordance with Mississippi law and District procedures when there is a severe need.

    Due Process

    Due process will include appropriate hearings and reviews, and in all cases the rights of individuals will be ensured and protected. In a hearing, the student will be afforded the opportunity to present his or her account of the incident in question.

    Student Rights and Responsibilities

    A student has full rights of citizenship as defined by the Constitution of the United States and assumes the responsibility to take positive actions relative to this Constitution, the laws of the State of Mississippi, and the policies, rules, and regulations of the Oxford Board of Trustees.

    Statement of Elementary Student Violations

    When an elementary student in Grades PK-4 is in violation of Student Discipline Procedures and the indicated consequence for the violation cannot be applied or when the application is deemed inadvisable due to age or development, the consequences will be left to the discretion of the principal.