• Frequently Asked Questions about the Child Nutrition Program

    More FAQs are constantly being added to the list below, so if you don’t see the answer to your question, please feel free to email Child Nutrition Program Director Dan Westmoreland at dvwestmoreland@oxfordsd.org or call (662) 234-3541.

  • Are there guidelines for managing food allergies in schools?

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    In consultation with the U.S. Department of Education, the CDC developed the Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Schools and Early Care and Education Centers in fulfillment of the 2013 FDA Food Safety Modernization Act to improve food safety in the United States.

    These Guidelines provide practical information and recommendations for each of the five priority areas that are addressed in each school’s Food Allergy Management Prevention Plan:

    1. Ensure the daily management of food allergies in individual children.
    2. Prepare for food allergy emergencies.
    3. Provide professional development on food allergies for staff members.
    4. Educate children and family members about food allergies.
    5. Create and maintain a healthy and safe educational environment.
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  • Can my child purchase snacks at lunch?

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    If a child purchases a cafeteria-produced lunch, in addition to regular entrees and side dishes, a child may purchase what are called “Extras”. These foods are state-approved snack items such as chips, bottled water, cereal bars, toaster pastries, energy drinks, and ice cream. Prices vary by item.

    If a child brings their lunch from home, they may purchase ONLY dairy products (including milk) and/or bottled water.

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  • When my child gets a salad at lunch, why is our account sometimes charged and sometimes not charged?

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    Except for Bramlett Elementary School, all OSD schools offer at least two entree selections at lunch, a side dish (which must be a ½-cup offering of fruit or vegetables), and a milk. For some entrees, a Side Salad may be offered as a side dish option and will be included in the cost of the entree.

    From time to time, schools may offer a Chef’s Salad as an entree selection. The Chef’s Salad entree includes the protein, grain, and vegetable components we are required to include in complete meals. Every day at Oxford High School, students also have the option of choosing the Salad Bar as an alternate complete meal entree option. The Chef’s Salad and Salad Bar entree selections will be charged to your account as any other entree would.

    In addition to our regular entrees and included side dishes, a child may purchase additional entrees and side dishes for an extra charge. Those prices vary according to the item(s) purchased.

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Last Modified on June 26, 2017