• Senior Timeline

    If you’re a senior in high school, follow these general guidelines…

    Fall Semester

    • Make campus visits
    • Continue your extracurricular involvement
    • Narrow down college choices and apply for college admission, meeting priority deadlines
    • Finalize résumé and write required essays
    • Request letters of recommendations and other admission requirements two to four weeks before due
    • Apply for housing at each college considered
    • Inquire about scholarship qualifications at each college where applied
    • Start the financial aid application process for each school
    • Complete the FAFSA

    Spring Semester (after January 1)

    • Complete your Mississippi Grant Application by going to www.mississippi.edu
    • Ask the guidance office to send first semester transcripts to schools. Final transcripts should be sent after graduation
    • Keep track of important financial aid and scholarship deadlines
    • Observe deadlines for sending in all required fees and paperwork including award letters, promissory notes, and housing information
    • Decide which college to attend and notify each school of your decision 
    • Notify your college about any outside scholarships you received

    Summer before College

    • Ensure final transcript arrives at chosen school
    • Getting a summer job can help pay some of the college expenses
    • Attend summer orientation if offered. Check into buying books and supplies early
    • Call or meet assigned roommate to get acquainted and to make a list of what is needed for the residence hall room

    Source: get2college

Last Modified on August 18, 2017