• Cost and Scholarships

    Cost of a Course

    The cost of a course varies by institution as well as course location. Please refer to the table below for more information.

Institution Location Live/Online Cost with Financial Aid
NWCC OHS Live $50
NWCC NWCC Live $360
NWCC OHS Online $360
UM UM Live $459
UM OHS Online $509
UM OHS Online (I-Study) $459
  • Scholarships

    The University of Mississippi Division of Outreach scholarships one-half of the tuition ($459 for i-study or live courses, $509 for online courses) for any student enrolled in UM dual credit courses. The prices indicated in the previous table reflect the discounted tuition. Students who have parents that are university employees take courses at no charge due to faculty staff scholarships.

Last Modified on April 6, 2020