• OHS Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit Program

    This is an opportunity for your student to take classes offered by Oxford High School and local colleges and universities that count towards BOTH a student’s high school diploma and his or her college credit. Basically, your student is taking two classes in one. For example, your student could take English Composition I and receive three hours of college credit and high school credit for English IV. Several courses are available and some courses are even offered online. Online courses can be taken at your student’s own pace with flexible starting dates.

    What is dual enrollment vs. dual credit course?

    Dual enrollment means a student is enrolled in two separate, academically related institutions.

    Dual credit course means a post-secondary level course offered by a state institution of higher learning or community/junior college, which, upon successful completion, qualifies for academic credit in both the post-secondary institution and public high school. Dual credit courses are reflected in a high school student’s GPA.

    Who should be interested?

    • STUDENTS who want to earn college credit while in high school.
    • PARENTS interested in saving hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars towards college tuition.

    Who is eligible?

    A student wishing to enroll in dual credit for a high school course and a course at Northwest Community College or at the University of Mississippi must have an overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and successful completion of 14 core high school units and/or junior status and written recommendation from school principal or guidance counselor.  Specific courses also require an ACT sub-score.

Last Modified on April 6, 2020