• Power Program

    Our teachers and school support staff have the power to transform a student’s life: they have a direct impact on how well our students perform inside and outside of the classroom.

    Our teachers and school support staff deserve our praise and support. Help us show our employees—from teachers to janitorial staff to assistant principals to bus drivers—how much they mean to us. Let’s also demonstrate why our school district is such a great place to work.

    The POWER Program gives local businesses an easy way to say “thank you” to our teachers and school support staff by offering a discount or special service for Oxford School District employees. (Must be a special discount or promotion only for eligible Oxford School District employees. One-time promotions do not qualify.)

    Click here to sign up to participate in the Oxford School District POWER Program.

    Together, we can provide a positive boost to those who empower and educate our students every day.