• Oxford Elementary School Parent Procedures

    It is the goal of Oxford Elementary School to provide an educational environment that will ensure success and a love for learning. In order to accomplish these goals, we greatly rely on parent partnerships. You will find a list of parent involvement procedures below that will make our partnership a success. These and many other items are also discussed in the Student Handbook.

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    • Every visitor to Oxford Elementary School must present a valid ID and obtain a visitor tag from our LobbyGuard kiosk. This will be done in the lobby area. An office staff member will be present to assist you.

    Morning Drop-Off

    • During the morning drop-off time that begins at 7:00 am, cars will make the loop in front of the building where staff members will assist students as they exit the car. Car riders should have all backpacks and other items ready to exit the car to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow. Please yield to school buses on campus.
    • Please note that the busiest time for the car rider line is between 7:25 am and 7:40 am. If you arrive at these times, the line may be long, and your child runs the risk of being tardy. All students arriving after the morning announcements at 7:40 am are considered tardy. Staff members leave the car rider line and enter the building at 7:40 am. When a child arrives late, a parent must sign in the child. However, parents will not be allowed to walk students to the classroom. If needed, a staff member will escort the student to class.
    • Please follow traffic officers directions when entering and exiting campus.

    Late Arrivals and Early Checkout

    • Being on time for school is essential. Tardiness negatively affects the learning process and could result in academic failure. The school day begins promptly at 7:40 am. Instructional time is heavily guarded throughout the school day. Parents are encouraged to schedule all appointments after 9:00 am. Likewise, early checkouts are a disruption to the learning process and are discouraged. Absolutely no early checkouts will be permitted after 2:00 pm. We want to provide a positive and successful learning experience for all students.

    Lunch Visitors

    • When coming to eat lunch with a student, visitors must be on the student’s contact list, present a valid ID, and obtain a visitor tag. After signing in, the parent must wait in the lobby area to meet his or her child or wait in the cafeteria. The parent may then have lunch with his or her child at the hospitality table only. No other children will be permitted to sit with the parent and his/her child. Parents should not go to the classroom before or after lunchtime. After the student’s lunchtime, all visitors must checkout in the office and exit the building.


    • Oxford Elementary teachers and staff encourage parent involvement and welcome parents to arrange a volunteer experience with their child’s teacher, the administrative office, or the PTO. The names of all expected volunteers will be logged in the office daily, and all volunteers are required to check-in and follow the usual sign-in procedures. Unscheduled interruptions to the instructional day are not permitted.

    Dismissal and Pick-Up Procedures

    • Dismissal is at 2:35 pm. All cars must display a blue Oxford Elementary-issued car rider sign. All cars not displaying a sign will be asked to park. The person picking up the child must then come into the building and sign the child out. Due to traffic and safety concerns, we DO NOT allow walkers at Oxford Elementary, as of January 26, 2015. We ask that you pull through the car rider line. Teachers will stop loading children into vehicles at 3:05 pm. If you arrive after 3:05 pm, we ask that you park and come into the building with your car rider sign to pick up your child.
    • All students must be picked up by 3:15 pm. If your child is not picked up by 3:15 pm, they will be sent to After-School Care in the cafeteria. There will be a $5 charge, due at the time you pick up your child from After-School Care.
    • Please follow traffic officers’ directions when entering and exiting campus.

    Bus and Ride Changes

    • Students who ride bus transportation will be assigned a morning and/or afternoon bus. Students may not ride another bus other than the assigned bus. Bus change passes will not be issued. If you move during the school year, please see Ms. Ashley Boutwell, records clerk, at the Oxford Elementary School office to authorize a bus assignment change. Residency documents will need to be presented.
    • Please provide your child’s teacher with transportation details. If transportation plans for your child change (car riders only), please send a written note, fax (236-7942), or e-mail (kherbert@oxfordsd.org) to school explaining the car rider change. Phone calls or text messages will not be accepted for car rider changes. All car rider changes must be received in writing by 2:00 pm to ensure the safety of students.