• 2016-2017 Parent Compact

    The administration, teachers, and staff of Oxford Elementary School will work to ensure that:

    Children receive high-quality instruction, which will be provided in a supportive, safe and effective learning environment in order for him/her to meet Mississippi’s student academic achievement standards and become a life-long learner:

    Oxford Elementary School will provide curriculum based on the Mississippi College and Career Standards, and provide differentiated instruction delivered by a certified, high quality staff. Helpful hints to help your child at home will be provided throughout the year at planned Family Nights. Teachers receive continuous professional development training provided by District Staff. Our teachers provide the best instruction possible utilizing research-based instructional strategies.

    Parent-teacher conferences are held regularly and this compact will be discussed as it relates to your child’s academic achievement:

    Every parent will be invited to attend at least two face-to-face conferences throughout the school year. During these conferences, your child’s progress, assessment results, daily work habits, areas of attention and classroom behavior will be discussed. You will also discuss this agreement during your conferences. Additional conferences may be held as requested by parents or teachers, and may be scheduled by calling the school office (662-234-3497) or via written communication using notes or email. Frequent reports on your child’s progress will be provided to you throughout the school year.

    Parents are provided frequent reports on their child’s progress:

    This document will be discussed at the Fall Parent Meeting in August. Parents are provided frequent academic achievement reports including Report Cards each nine weeks. After each assessment window (August, January, April), NWEA and STAR assessments results are discussed with parents. Important report and assessment dates, as well as regular and ongoing information, will be announced in parent newsletters, social media (Facebook), the school marquee, and on both the school and district websites. Parent data meetings will be held twice a year to discuss student assessment data, and parents will be provided additional resources to help parents work with their children at home.

    Parents have reasonable access to staff:

    Parents may request a conference or a meeting with the teacher by either calling the school at 662-234-3497, by writing a note in your child’s folder, or sending an e-mail message to the teacher.

    Parents are welcomed as a volunteer in the school:

    Parents are welcomed to volunteer in our school. Volunteer opportunities must be established by the teacher and communicated to the office. Parents should remember visitation procedures when coming to volunteer. The following are opportunities where parents can volunteer: PTO, Watch D.O.G.S. Dads, work in the school garden, Integrity Time, Helping Hands, and classroom helpers.

    Parents, the school is depending on you to:

    • Monitor attendance and ensure your child is on time for school each day
    • Give your child support and a quiet place to complete homework
    • Monitor the amount of television your children watch
    • Participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to my children’s education
    • Be engaged in your child’s education and ask for help from the school to help you assist your child in his/her efforts at home.
    • Stay informed about children’s education and communicate with the school by promptly reading all notices from the school or the school district, either received by children or by mail, and responding as appropriate
    • Participate in Family Night Activities with your child

    Students, the school and your parents are confident that YOU will:

    • Attend school everyday to learn
    • Complete your homework and ask for help when needed
    • Read at least 15-30 minutes every day outside of school time
    • Give your parents, or the adult who is responsible for you, all information you may receive at school
    • Give maximum effort to your education at all times

    We hope you will join with the school this year to provide the very best education for your child. Overwhelming evidence shows that when you are involved and engaged in the education of your child and give him/her the support necessary to make good decisions about progress made at school, he/she will be more successful!


    If you are willing to make the commitment,
    please click here to print and sign this agreement.