• Cafeteria Menus Bramlett Elementary School

    Menus subject to change due to availability.

    This institution is an equal-opportunity provider.

    Cafeteria Prices:

    Breakfast: Free for students, $2.25 for adultsLunch: $3.75Reduced-Price Lunch: $0.40Adult Lunch: $4.50Extra Milk: $0.75

BES Menus

  • 5/23/2024

    -Pop Tart
    -Apple Juice
    -Sliced Oranges
    -White Milk or
    -Chocolate Milk


    Lunch Entrées (choose 1)
    -Soy Butter Sandwich w/ Chips

    Vegetables & Fruit
    -Baby Carrots w/ Ranch
    -Apple Juice


    -Fat-Free White Milk
    -Fat-Free Chocolate Milk