• Special Subjects at Bramlett Elementary School


    The Art program at Bramlett is an exciting experience for students. Each child gets to participate in multiple different art making techniques such as painting, drawing, and water coloring. Loved ones also have the opportunity to purchase keepsakes featuring their child’s art work from artsonia.com. Students learn to tune their fine motor skills through a variety of fun and challenging activities. Students are challenged to do their best and produce a higher level of artwork. Each child will leave Bramlett with many different pieces of artwork they can cherish as they get older. The art curriculum is designed to align with knowledge students gain in other special areas such as music, library, and P.E. Art is also used to reinforce concepts learned in the regular classroom through fun hands on learning experiences.


    The library gives our students the chance to explore their personal interests as well as nurture a love of reading. During weekly classes, the children will be exposed to high quality literature and non-fiction as well as learn about the organization of a library and the proper way to care for books. The librarian also supports the the literacy standards of the classroom. Kindergarteners and first graders have the opportunity to check out one book a week to take home and enjoy with their families. For more information on the BES Library, visit www.oxfordsd.org/BESLibrary.


    In music children sing, play instruments, listen, improvise, and move to a large variety of music (folk, ethnic, patriotic, nonsense, and seasonal songs). Included in the learning experience are lessons designed to develop the ability to read music, use notation and music terminology, describe and evaluate, and relate music to real world experiences. Students learn by actively participating in making music and in understanding the basic principles of music.


    Bramlett’s P.E. program marks the foundation of health and fitness in the Oxford School District. P.E. gives students the opportunity to learn different ways to keep their bodies healthy by participating in different exercises, sports, and games. Bramlett partners with the Oxford Park Commission as well as USTA Kids Tennis Club. These organizations bring in trained professionals to teach students different skills in the following sports soccer, lacrosse, and tennis. During the month of February, which is “Healthy Heart Month”, students learn different facts about the heart and participate in the “Kid’s Heart Challenge” fundraiser. The “Kid’s Heart Challenge” fundraiser is sponsored through the American Heart association. The motto for P.E. is “We are a team.” P.E. aims to encourage good sportsmanship and enhance self esteem no matter skill level. The Bramlett P.E. program marks the beginning of life-long learning for healthy living.