• Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

    Helpful Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Parents The Internet is a great way children can access information, experience new ways of learning, and work with a variety of tools to express their creativity. Today, children can access the Internet through iPads, laptops, computers, cell phones, and gaming devices. Along with offering new ways of learning, we also have to monitor the Internet to insure children’s safety. We have discussed four basic rules for Internet Safety and pledged to be safer online. Below are the four basic rules along with a few parent tips you can use also.

    Kid Rules for Internet Safety

    1. I will tell a grown up if anything on the Internet makes me feel sad, scared, or confused.
    2. I will ask a grown up before sharing information like my name, address, and phone number.
    3. I will not meet face-to-face with anyone from the Internet.
    4. I will always use good “netiquette” and not be rude or mean online.

    Parent Tips for Internet Safety

    • Surf the Internet with your children and let them show you what they like to do online.
    • Continually talk to your child about online safety.
    • Remember to monitor all technological devices, such as cell phones, gaming devices, and laptops.

    Source: NetSmartz

Last Modified on June 27, 2022