• Box Tops for Education – Earn Cash for our School!

    Please help our students raise Box Top money for our school!

    The How-To’s:

    • You can download and print collection sheets at the bottom of this page.
    • Only 25 Box Tops per Sheet. Make sure you include your child’s name and teacher’s name to each collection sheet, so his/her class will get credit for their Box Tops.
    • BONUS Box Tops need to be kept separate!! Please send in an envelope or plastic bag. Again, include your child’s name & teacher’s name.
    • Each class is in a competition! Each month, the top collection class from each grade will be rewarded with the Box Top Trophy!! There will also be an end of the year reward for the top collection class from each grade!!
    • If you have a large quantity of box tops, you may send them in an envelope or plastic bag with child’s name and teacher. (50 box tops per bag)

    The Do Not’s:

    • Do not staple box tops onto collection sheets.
    • Do not cut expiration date. Box Tops are only accepted if the expiration date is still good and if it can be read.
    • Do not include Campbell Labels for Education to this sheet!!! Campbell’s labels program is not the same fundraiser and can be sent in a separate envelope or plastic bag.
    Let's win!

    You can also collect Box Tops by shopping online…they are called eBox Tops.

    1. Sign up to support our school at www.btfe.com
    2. Start EVERY shopping trip at BoxTops Marketplace.
    3. Watch our earnings grow!!

Download a Collection Sheet

Last Modified on August 20, 2021