• Science Fair Tips

    Project Tips

    Projects: Having a question and finding out answers and results by EXPERIMENTING!

    1. Do an experiment on something relevant or useful.
      Who could use your results?
      Would anyone benefit from knowing what you researched?
      Why are you wanting to find this out?
    2. Create a large sample size.
      If you are working with people, use more than 20 volunteers.
      If you are testing results, do it more than once! Try it four or five times to see if keeps happening!
    3. Take pictures
      Pictures are a good way to show proof and judges love seeing these!
    4. Make graphs, keep a chart, and make a journal (log book)
      If want your information to be valid and easy to understand, keep it organized!

    Poster Tips

    Posters, Models, or Collections: Giving information that you found in books, magazines, online, and interviews; RESEARCH!

    1. It is simply RESEARCH!!
      Pick a topic, look online or in the library, put information on a poster with pictures and facts!
    2. Make sure this is NOT an experiment; you are NOT asking any questions.
      “Are Bounty paper towels more absorbent than Brawny or Scott brand?” is NOT a poster! This is an experiment!

Last Modified on November 14, 2018