• How to Prepare a Science Fair Project

    1. Selecting a Topic:
      Choose something you're interested in and something you want to learn more about. Talk to teachers, parents, or librarians for ideas. A hobby might lead to a good topic. Don't forget to look through science books, magazines, or visit museums or zoos for ideas.
    2. Research:
      After the topic has been selected, start the research process. Encyclopedias will provide an overview of your topic, but go beyond that and collect information from books and magazines. Contact experts or companies that might be able to supply information. Don't forget to check the internet.
    3. Purpose and Hypothesis:
      The purpose is a description of what you will do. The hypothesis is an educated explanation as to what you think will happen.
    4. Experiment:
      Plan and organize an experiment. Perform the experiment under controlled conditions. Keep careful records in a special notebook that is used only for this project.
    5. Exhibit:
      This is the visual presentation of your project, so prepare it carefully. Use graphs, charts, and clear bold lettering to highlight the display.
    6. Judging:
      Plan how you want to explain your project to the judges. Look neat, speak clearly, and don't fidget or do other distracting things.
Last Modified on November 14, 2018