• Oxford School District Science Fair Rules and Regulations

    2016 – 2017

    The Oxford School District Fair will follow all rules of the Mississippi Science and Engineering Fairs. The International Rules for Pre-college Science Research: Guidelines for Science and Engineering Fairs is published annually to support students doing independent research safely. They are the official rules of the Intel ISEF and students competing at a Society-affiliated science fair.

    The purpose of these rules is to:

    • protect the rights and welfare of the student researcher,
    • protect the rights and welfare of the human participant,
    • ensure adherence to federal regulations,
    • ensure use of safe laboratory practices,
    • protect the environment, and
    • determine eligibility for competition in the Intel ISEF 2017.

    The classes will be divided and judged according to the same grade level divisions as the Regional MSEF. All students in each Class will be judged together. The OSD Science Fairs will be held in late January or early February. A student may enter only one science project per year.

    Three students’ projects in each Category and each Class will qualify to participate in the Regional District VII MSEF Science Fair at The University of Mississippi.

    Classes and Categories

    • 0000
      Posters, Collections, and Models
    • 0100
      Behavioral and Social Science
    • 0200
    • 0300
      Inorganic Chemistry
    • 0400
      Organic Chemistry
    • 0500
      Earth and Environmental Science
    • 0600
      Animal Sciences
    • 0700
      Biomedical and Health Services
    • 0800
    • 0900
      Physics and Astronomy
    • 1000
      Engineering Mechanics
    • 1100
      Mathematics and System Software
    • 1200
      Robotics and Intelligent Mechines
    • 1300
      Plant Sciences
    • Class I:  Grades 1, 2, 3
    • Class II:  Grades 4, 5, 6
    • Class III:  Grades 7, 8
    • Class IV:  Grades 9, 10
    • Class V:  Grades 11, 12

    Team Projects are recommended for grades 9-12 only. Five team projects may participate in the Region 7 MSEF.

    All registered science projects and posters following the Oxford School District Science Fair Rules and Regulations will be exhibited and judged.

    Exhibits of students entering the Posters, Collections, & Models category will be limited to the OSD Science Fair (local fair). Exhibits in this 0000 category will NOT be eligible to move on to the Regional Science Fair competition at the University on March 23.

    All students participating in the Oxford School District Science Fair are required to complete the proper Science Fair Registration Form. For Class I students (grades 1-3) the registration form is online. Students in grades 4-12 should contact their school’s Science Fair Coordinator for instructions.

    All registration forms must be properly filled and submitted according to the school science fair coordinator's requirements to allow time for properly organizing projects and preparing judging forms. Students not meeting this deadline will be allowed to display their Science Project; however, they may not be included in the judging process.

    Special Requirements for Class III, IV, & V

    Three additional forms are required of all projects of students in grades 7-12. Before experimentation can begin, these forms must be properly completed, signed, and approved by the science or math teacher.

    1. Research Plan
    2. Approval Form
    3. Checklist for Adult Sponsor

    Special Requirements for Projects Involving Vertebrate Animals (Including Humans)

    The forms are not required for “observation only” projects when the student has no interaction with animals or humans, and the student does not alter the normal activity or habitat of the observed animals or humans.

    Every student considering a science project involving research and experimentation of any kind using human subjects, including oneself, or non-human vertebrates, animals, including domestic animals, must complete additional forms and present the project plans to the Scientific Review Committee (for vertebrate animal projects) or the Institutional Review Board (for human projects) before any experimentation can begin.

    Surveys or Questionnaires must be pre-approved by the science teacher, a school administrator, and the Institutional Review Board.

    Proper written permission must be obtained from every human subject before experimentation can begin. Every human subject under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or guardian to participate in any science project.

    Please Note: All students considering projects involving pathogenic agents, controlled substances, recombinant DNA, human or animal tissue, or hazardous substances or devices must properly complete additional forms and receive approval from the science teacher and the SRC/IRB before experimentation can begin.

Last Modified on November 14, 2018