• Medication Procedures


    Parents are expected to give medications at home on a schedule other than during school hours if at all possible. No medication may be taken by a student at school except as herein provided. This procedure will provide safety, consistency, and confidentiality when it is necessary that a medication be taken during school hours.

    General Guidelines for all Medications

    1. Parent/Guardian permission is required for any medication taken by a student.
    2. All medications are required to be presented to the school office by a parent/guardian.
    3. All medications must be presented in the original container labeled with the student’s name, date, and name of medication. If there is any discrepancy, whatsoever, between the label on the bottle, the parent’s/guardian’s instructions, or the doctor’s order (if indicated), the student will not be allowed to take the medication.
    4. Exceptions to these procedures may be necessary depending on individual circumstances.
    5. When the parent/guardian has submitted the appropriate form and medication is presented in a properly labeled container, the student may take the prescribed dose of medication. Medicine must be taken in the presence of a designated adult and documented on a medication log. All medications are to be kept locked up with limited access by designated adults.
    6. In the absence of a school nurse, the principal or designee will be responsible for assigning personnel to assist students taking medication and for periodic monitoring of the Medication procedure.
    7. The Prescription Medication permission Form (SHS-1) must be updated at the beginning of each school year or when there is a change of dosage.
    8. Medication not picked up at the close of the school year (or sooner if indicated) will be destroyed. Reminder by letter or telephone call to the parent/guardian for medication(s) to be picked up will be made before the close of the school year (or sooner if indicated).
    9. Exceptions to these procedures may be necessary depending on individual circumstances. If you have questions regarding these procedures, please call your child’s school nurse or principal.
Last Modified on June 20, 2018