• Required Summer Assignment: Pre-AP English II

    Teachers: Sommer Husbands & Ashley Fortner

  • Students entering Pre-AP English II at Oxford High School during the 2020-2021 school year must have completed the following assignments before the first day of class.

    1. You will read four books total based on the requirements outlined on the reading list below.
    2. Annotating (taking detailed notes) on the texts is strongly suggested, as you will need a working knowledge of all four texts when you are assessed in the fall. It will be easier to review your own notes than reread the entire book.
    3. All students will be assessed at the beginning of the school year, regardless of the semester in which you are scheduled to take English.
    4. Come to school prepared for the following assessment types:
      • comprehension tests
      • written assignments/essays

    Choosing a book:

    • Research the book choices on the lists below in order to make informed decisions about which books most interest you.
    • If there are books on the list that you have read before, please choose a different book to broaden your reading experiences.
    • Some of the book choices are more mature than others, so please make sure you discuss your choices with your parent/guardian.

    Finding/purchasing books:

    • All titles should be available through Square Books.
    • All titles should be available online as bargain/used copies.
    • All titles should be available at the public and university libraries.
    • Classmates are welcome to share books throughout the summer so as to alleviate the cost of purchasing all four books.
    • You also might ask previous Pre-AP students if they are willing to loan or sell their copies since they have already taken the class. Please be mindful of safety measures when exchanging books.


    If you have any questions about the summer reading assignment, please email your teacher: