• Oxford Middle School
    Choral Department Handbook

    Jordan Caviezel, Director

    Note: All of these guidelines are simply set forth so that parents/guardians, students, and the director are aware of policies, procedures, and consequences that will guide the school year.

    From the Director:

    Welcome to the Oxford Middle School Choral Program! I am looking very forward to working with all of you to have a successful and musically inspiring school year! I can’t wait to make this a fantastic year of choral music! It is my goal as a teacher is to inspire, encourage, and build your confidence as musicians and as people as we embark on this journey together!

    Daily Class Procedures:

    1. Dispose of all food and drink (water with a sealable top is the exception) at the door. Yes, this means NO GUM!
    2. All personal belongings are to be stored in your assigned cubby and taken with you at the end of class. The only things that you should have with you on the risers are your music, a pencil, and a folder for bell work.
    3. Each day there will be bell work for you to quietly get started on as soon as the bell rings. This work will be periodically checked for a grade—you will only become a better musician with practice

    Basic Class Guidelines:

    1. Respect the teacher, all others around you, and yourself. Choir is like a team sport; we all have to work together to achieve greatness! Without mutual respect greatness is not possible.
    2. Keep talking to a minimum in the classroom. Having said that, there is absolutely no talking while the teacher is talking. If you have any questions, please raise your hand and I will address your question.
    3. Be seated with your materials before the bell rings.
    4. You will have assigned seats on the risers. If you do not sit in that assigned seat you may be marked absent.
    5. Do not move the chairs.
    6. No gum, food, or snacks allowed in the Choir Room. Water is acceptable only if it has a sealed top.
    7. Follow all guidelines as specified by Oxford Middle School administration and all rules set up by the Oxford School District.
    8. Do not touch the piano.
    Remember there is always a REACTION to every ACTION! Good behavior is always rewarded! Bad behavior is dealt with accordingly...


    1. In-Class Writing Assignment
    2. Contact and Inform Parent or Guardian
    3. Parent/Teacher Conference
    4. Office Referral
    5. Possible Removal From Chorus

    Lending of Music:

    Music will be lent to each student for use in the classroom and at home. Individual packets of music will be numbered and passed out alphabetically so the director is able to keep track of scores. Unfortunately, music costs a lot of money so music that is lost or worn beyond acceptable “responsible” use will be charged to the student’s account. Please don’t make the choral program charge you… keep up with and respect your music as you would a library book!


    Concert Attire


    • Black dress slacks or Black knee-length shirt (plain black)
    • White button up dress shirt (plain white)
    • Black belt (if wearing a belt)
    • Black socks (if wearing socks)
    • Black flats

    Optional extras:

    • Small stud earrings
    • One white pearl-like necklace


    • Black dress slacks (plain black)
    • White button up dress shirt (plain white)
    • Black belt
    • Black socks
    • Black shoes

    Any student out of “concert attire” dress code will not be able to perform in concert or festival performances and will receive a “0” for that activity.

    **Hair must be kept neat and away from the singer’s eyes!

    Grading Scale:

    30% Participation

    Choir is mostly a participation course. If you attend rehearsals and participate, you will learn something. Having said that, you can only participate if you attend class. Each week you will start out with 100 points. For each day you miss, I will deduct 10 points from that total unless the absence is excused via parent, doctor, or teacher note. The other 10 daily points are based on actual participation in classroom activities and behavior. These actions and behaviors are broken down in the rubric on the next page.

    Attitude and Participation Rubric (per day)

    • On task, cooperating, never talking back or disruptive = 8-10 points
    • On task some of the time, distracted, complaining = 6 points
    • On task half of the time, distracting others, disruptive, complaining = 5 points
    • Completely off task, uncooperative, disrupts or stops class = 1-4 points

    50% Concert and Festival Attendance

    Over the year there will be many performances including concerts and festivals. You will receive a calendar with dates of these events and will have 10 DAYS from the receipt of the calendar to have a parent or guardian notify the director of any conflicts. This is the only way that a student will be eligible to have another assignment in place of performance.

    20% Music Theory, Movie, Sight Reading Quizzes, Notebook Checks, and Affirmations

    A basic understanding of the fundamentals of music lends itself to every successful choir. Music theory is a vital part of music literacy and competency and should be taken seriously. Music theory quizzes will be over material covered in class.


    A calendar of events will be passed out each semester to outline major events and rehearsals of the Oxford Middle School Choral Program. This calendar will be as detailed as possible as early as possible. It is likely that events may be added to or removed from the calendar depending on circumstantial events and invitations.

    I will do my best not to add or remove anything from the calendar. Students will be notified of any changes and a note will be sent home to parents if there are any changes. Also, no events will be added to the calendar that conflict with any of the students’ prior academic or school athletic commitments.

    **Important Calendar Conflict Procedure:

    Upon receipt of the choral calendar or upon receiving any updates or added events to the calendar each student has up to 10 DAYS to submit a parent/guardian composed and signed letter stating the nature of the conflict. This is the only way that the student will be considered eligible for an alternate assignment worth 50% OF HIS OR HER GRADE!

Last Modified on April 18, 2019