• Funded Projects

    Since 1987

    (Projects listed below 2015 - present)

Bramlett Elementary School

Total: $44,358.95
Project/Item Amount
Indoor/Outdoor Science Classroom
P.E.T.S Teacher Resource Books
Multi Sensory Room
ABCs for Me! Making Reading & Writing Skills
Classroom Multi-Sensory Kit $1,493.33
Touch & Learn Fine Motor Bins $1,071.98
Tap, Count, Learn! $2,922.48
Two Fairy Tale STEM Kits $5,364.00
Sensory Room Completion $1,850.21
Growing & Learning in the Classroom $900.00

Central Elementary School

Total: $55,956.56
Project/Item Amount
Growing and Learning in the Classroom (shared with BES and DDES) $900.00
OSMO Genius Kits $396.00
Learning Centers for OES Math All-Stars $563.57
Reading Foundations: Early Interventions $643.35
Tower Garden for OES $1,055.06
Magic Tree House Classroom Sets $1,628.09
Sensory Resources (OSDF changed the name of the proposal) $3,343.31
Go Phonics & Reading Milestones
US & World Pull Down Maps
Building BIG

Della Davidson Elementary School

Total: $31,192.34
Project/Item Amount
Growing and Learning in the Classroom (shared with BES and OES) $900.00
Fiber Arts Frenzy (Sewing machines and looms) $886.68
STEAM Makerspace and Game Kits $1,062.19
Aeroponic Vegtable and Fruit Garden $2,245.00
Low Level Fiction
Robot Kits
Cuisenaire Rods
Indoor Greenhouses
Nonfiction Reading for Success
Who is that? Biography Chapter Books $1,444.76

Oxford Intermediate School

Total: $14,098.34
Project/Item Amount
Thanks a Latte (coffee cart) $604.82
Tower Gardens $1,122.50
Everything you need to know to ace ELA $1,352.20
Printing Possibilities $1,898.90
Graphic Novels for the Library $2,053.42
Stock the Labs - Year 2 $7,066.50
Bird Brain Science & History
EV3 Robots
Read to Succeed
Lights... Read... Action

Oxford Middle School

Total: $85,778.24
Project/Item Amount
Cross-Curriculum: The Bone Yard $198.78
Intro to Strength Training $506.49
Drying Racks for New Ceramics Class $1,082.37
Virtual Reality (ClassVR system) $3,338.00
Wireless Microphones $17,255.65
Bloxels $2,616.00
Engineering Workspace $1,539.38
Google Cardboard Glasses $470.00
Robotics Competition Kit $1,097.00

Oxford High School

Total: $122,698.26
Project/Item Amount
Knowledge Matters Virtual Simulation $1,295.00
Creating a 2nd Ruckus $1,560.00
The Traveling Kitchen $1,665.65
Arduino Robots $1,850.00
Graphing Calculators $4,249.97
Learning in a Virtual World (VR) $5,831.73
Equipment for Girls Personal Fitness Program $800.00
Tool Replacement/Enhancement for Theatre Department $703.00
To See the Unseen
Exploring Digital Art

Oxford Learning Center

Total: $9,727.39
Project/Item Amount
Reaching Reluctant Readers

Scott Center

Total: $7,781.03
Project/Item Amount
Digital Camera for Transitional Portfolios $200
Camcorder $352.03
Touchscreen Monitors and Software $1,017
Language and Social Behavior Development Materials $1,123
Academic Work Activities $377
Functional Academics: Telling Time and Counting Money $550
Materials for Teaching Language/Non-Verbal Communication and Functional Academics $1,033
Materials for Teaching Work-related Social and Functional and Math Skills $829
Sign Language Library $600
Technology-Based Learning Materials for Students and Developmental Disabilities $1,060
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