• AR Reading Level

    A student's Reading level / Book level is determined from the STAR Reading assessment given periodically. Students receive Points after taking an AR quiz based on the number of questions they answered correctly. The AR program tallies the points. Students are encouraged to maintain a Percentage Correct of 85% or higher. Through study and research, it has been proven that points are directly related to the amount of time a student spends on daily reading; and that students who maintain 85% or higher correct on their AR quizzes will achieve one year's growth. Book level, points, and percentage correct are not independent of each other but are dependent upon each other to ensure reading comprehension and growth. These are guides for daily reading practice and can be adjusted as the students' needs are evaluated from the classroom teacher with the STAR Reading assessment.

    Each student's Points and Book Level is individualized to their reading ability. All students have the same Average Percent Correct of 85% or higher. Points are awarded for each passing quiz of 60% or higher. Quizzes with only 3 questions will not effect student certifications.

    Book Levels and Color Coding:

    • Yellow – 0.1-0.9
    • Blue – 1.0-1.9
    • Green – 2.0-2.9
    • Orange – 3.0-3.9
    • Red – 4.0-4.9
    • Pink – 5.0-5.9
    • Neon Green – 6.0+

    Questions? Please contact the librarian Mrs. Robinson at crobinson@oxfordsd.org.

Last Modified on August 29, 2019