• School Bus Safety

    The Yellow School Bus Transportation is the safest, most economical and friendly method of transporting Oxford's school children. The United States Department of Transportation requires many additional safety features be built into every school bus which are not found on any other public or private vehicle.

    According to the National Safety Council, Yellow School Buses are:

    • 172 times safer than your family automobile
    • 8 times safer than passenger trains
    • 8 times safer than schedule airlines
    • 4 times safer than transit buses
    • 4 times safer than intercity buses

    All buses are inspected daily by the school bus driver.

    School bus drivers are required to pass random drug and alcohol testing each month. A school bus driver's background is checked on the Child Abuse Registry. Drivers must have a clean driving record, both professionally and personally.

    In order to promote a safe environment, video cameras and recorders may be placed on school buses at random.


Last Modified on July 27, 2018