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  • The OHS Archery Program is through AIMS and the NASP program and must follow all their guidelines. There must be tryouts, and students must make the team in order to be in the 4th block class. We are limited to 35 shooters max, though only the Top 24 will compete at North Half Qualifiers in March and State in April. Our season begins in Mid-January and ends at the beginning of April. All archery meets are for practice purposes and allow the students to build confidence and get used to being in different shooting atmospheres. With 2020 being our first year, we accomplished great things. This past season was our best yet, with us winning almost every meet, placing 2nd at Mantachie, winning Top Team at the Lion's Club Tournament, and placing the highest ever at North Half.

    Archery is a very self-disciplined sport. Unlike other sports, it is based solely on your individual skills and determination. While we come together as a team, it is one shooter, their bow, and the target. The bows have no sights or anything on them-Archery is 100% skill.

    Archery is an extremely inclusive sport, so do not let fear of athletic ability, intimidation, or other factors prevent you from trying out! Some of my best shooters this season had never held a bow before tryouts.

    The school provides ALL of the necessary equipment. Students are assigned their own bows and arrows for the season.


    Coach Cotton

    NASP Manual


  • OHS Archery Team 2024-2025

    Congratulations to the following on making the 2024-2025 Archery Team!

    • Ghaith Allhusban

    • Ahmed Belal

    • Callie Bennett

    • Oliver Carballo

    • Garner Cassidy

    • Yostin Castillo

    • Lily Kate Coughlin

    • Margaret Downing

    • Brandon Flowers

    • Cotton Griffin

    •   Nathanael Hom

    • Terrell Howard

    • Emma Hurdle

    • Sara Maclin

    • Braden Mayoral

    • Sam Misra

    • Rem Overby

    • Layla Pegues

    • Luke Pharr

    • Conner Quinton

    • Tyler Quinton

    • Jackson Rendleman

    • Barrett Robinson

    • Cousar Robinson 

    • Jada Robinson

    • Ema Smith

    • Eleanor Steinriede

    • Rebecca Stewart

    • Brayden Stroupe

    • Zhade Underwood

    • Karter Vahle

    • Yewon Woo

    • Sean Wilkerson 

    • Marissa Youngs

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