• Overview

    JROTC meets the Oxford School District standards to provide participating students with met-requirements for the following Credits required for graduation: Physical Education, Health, and College Career Readiness.. Please click our informative "Parent Greeting" link for more details on what JROTC is (and isn't) as well as the many lasting benefits that our Program provides to participating students.


    Marine Corps Junior ROTC program is a four- year program comprising 180 hours of Leadership instruction per year, offered to the students of Oxford High School.  It is a nationally recognized and congressionally-approved program with the purpose of instilling the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.  The appointed assignment of our JROTC Program is to help communities, parents, and teachers develop informed, responsible citizens who are strong in character, leadership, and self-discipline.

     Cadet Curriculum

    Leadership Education is the name of the MCJROTC curriculum because we use the tenants of Marine Corps Leadership characteristics to teach and develop the sense of responsibility, loyalty, discipline, and character in all young men and women.  These tenets are both timeless and universal, they are not peculiar to “just” the military.  Throughout the four years of your Program, the Leadership Education curriculum will be presented by way of five different categories of instruction.  Those categories are: (1) Leadership, (2) Citizenship, (3) Personal Growth and Responsibility, (4) Public Service and Career Exploration, (5) General Military Subjects.

    Course Prerequisites and Description

    LE I – Entry-level curriculum, this includes all first-year JROTC students.

    LE II, LE III, and LE IV: Intermediate-Advanced curriculum, this includes all second/third/fourth year Cadets. 

    LE accessions require completion of the previous LE Level (e.g. Must complete LE I to ascend to LE II, etc.).

     Course Requirements, Expectations, and Goals

    The end goal is to provide every Cadet in JROTC with the tools to become the best version of themselves.  JROTC Instructors utilize a tailored approach to each Cadet leveraging goals and insight provided by our Parents, fellow faculty members, and the students themselves.  With a healthy dose of patience and understanding, each Cadet will grow to find the best version of themselves.

    The MCJROTC Cadet uniform will be worn one day per week.

    All Cadets are expected to maintain an average minimum of Grade Point Average of 2.0.  This is the minimum.  Grades are screened every Friday and JROTC Instructors work closely with other teachers to identify and correct any Cadet who's grades are slipping.  Good grades in courses outside of the JROTC Program are the best and fastest way for Cadets to receive awards, ribbons, and promotions in JROTC.

    All Cadets must strive to maintain high standards of school citizenship and conduct in all areas of school.  Participation in at least one extra-curricular activity outside of JRTOTC is highly encouraged and is mandatory if a student's schedule allows for it.

    Community Service is key to our mission of developing citizenry. All Cadets are highly encouraged to participate in the many volunteer opportunities that our Program provides. Community Service is an essential part of our Program and directly affects promotion recommendations, class standing, and overall grade.







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