• Oxford School District
    Student Code of Conduct


    It is the purpose of the Oxford School District to operate each school in a manner that will provide for the welfare and safety of all students who attend the schools within the district. In accordance with that purpose, Oxford School District policy requires each school to implement district disciplinary procedures which require students to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in order to facilitate a positive learning environment for themselves and other students, whether in person or online. These standards for behavior require students to respect each other and school district employees, to obey student behavior policies adopted by the Board, and to obey student behavior rules established at each school within the district.

    The school’s primary goal is to educate, not punish. However, when the behavior of an individual student comes in conflict with the rights of others, corrective actions may be necessary for the benefit of that individual and the school as a whole. Accordingly, students shall be governed by procedures, regulations, and rules set forth in this Code of Conduct.

    This Code of Conduct is effective during the following times and in the following places:

    • At school or on school property at any time;
    • On vehicles provided for student transportation by the school system;
    • At any school-sponsored event or when representing the school at any event;
    • Using a school district device while participating in online learning.

    Also, students may be disciplined for off-campus conduct which is felonious or which poses a threat to the school’s learning environment or the safety of students and employees.

Last Modified on July 27, 2023