First Grade Reading Program

First Grade Reading Program

Reading is a life-long skill that is essential for one to flourish in a rapidly changing world. The Bramlett faculty and staff are committed to providing the most effective reading foundation in order for students to have an optimal opportunity for reading success. Collaborative planning and decision making processes by the faculty, in compliance with the Mississippi Language Arts Framework, facilitates the planning and implementation of a curriculum that meets the needs of all students and makes learning an ongoing process. Realizing that students have different learning styles and learning needs, the Bramlett Elementary Reading Program is presented to meet the learners needs by providing a skill ability grouping program which encourages student success with a minimal of one year’s growth. Our program provides teacher a clear path for intervening to meet the variety of needs for the first grade student. The reading program is comprised of three components that are research-based, motivational, with an instructional focus that progresses from “learning to read’ to “reading to learn” and ultimately “learning for life.” The three reading program components are: Trophies, Voyager, and Magic Tree House Enrichment.

Trophies is a balanced, comprehensive reading and language arts program that develops student reading proficiency in the key areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Learning to read begins with a basal reader provided through thematic units with shared, guided, and independent reading. Students ready to learn to read will benefit from this program.

Voyager is a reading intervention program that meets specific phonemic needs designed to build oral reading fluency, strong vocabulary, and reading fluency. Through systematic and comprehensive instruction the reading program includes daily structured 40-45 minute reading sessions and uses ongoing progress monitoring to assess student skills. Students needing pre-reading support and learning interventions will benefit from this program.

The Magic Tree House Enrichment program includes reading the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne in addition to various genres and is designed for students coming to first grade as accomplished readers. The enrichment program provides learning opportunities through exploration and the integration of Science, Social Studies, Writing, and Math. Students are challenged to accomplish mastery of 2nd grade reading benchmarks while exploring thematic units emphasizing phonics, vocabulary, and fluency.

Within each reading program, student skills are assessed weekly to monitor skill mastery and instructional needs. The DIBELS Reading Assessment is issued three times within the school year to determine student placement, monitor skill mastery, and determine student growth.

Last Modified on June 1, 2009