Student Handbook

The student handbook is a collection of School Policies, Behavior Expectations, and other Guidelines & Rules. Click here to download the complete handbook.

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Absences and Make-Up Work

Excused Absences

When a student returns to school after any absence, he/she must check in at the front office with a written excuse from a parent or doctor. The secretary will give the student an admittance slip. All excuses will be kept on file in the front office. Failure to bring a written excuse will result in the absence being unexcused. Students will not be allowed to enter the classroom without an admittance slip.

Excused absences include:

  • Attendance at a school function.
  • Isolation ordered by a health officer.
  • Illness or injury.
  • Death or illness of a member of immediate family.
  • Medical or dental appointment.
  • Attendance at court proceedings.
  • Observance of a religious event.
  • Family travel that provides a valid educational opportunity if approved by an administrator prior to the absence.

Make-Up Work

A student who is absent for two consecutive days may request his/her assignments by calling the records clerk at the child’s school. The request should be made by 9:00 a.m. Assignments and materials will be gathered and available to be picked up by 3:15 p.m. When a student is absent from school, he/she must make arrangements with the teacher to get make-up work within three (3) days of returning to school. Make-up work must be completed and turned in on the date determined by the teacher, which may not be fewer than the number of days absent (for example, if a child is absent three days, he/she will have a minimum of three days to make up missed work). The teacher, at his/her discretion, may increase the number of days allowed. Failure to turn in make-up work by the assigned date and time may result in a lower grade.

Afternoon Dismissal

Bus Riders

The following procedures will be used for afternoon bus dismissal:

  1. Students will be dismissed from the classroom to go directly to the cafeteria.
  2. Teachers will stand at their doors during dismissal.
  3. Teachers will monitor students in the cafeteria while waiting to board buses.

Car Riders

The following procedures will be used for afternoon car rider dismissal:

  1. There will be designated stations for cars to stop.
  2. An appointed teacher will call the names of students in the building via walkie talkie to go in an orderly manner to their cars.
  3. Students will sit quietly and listen for their names to be called for dismissal.
  4. All cars must have a school-issued car rider ID visible in the windshield. If the parent does not have the sign, he/she must come into the office to sign his/her child out.

Arrival to School

We want to teach all our students to become as independent and responsible as possible and allow teachers to begin class promptly without interruption. For those reasons, we ask that parents/guardians avoid escorting their child to class after the first week of school. If you need to go to your child’s classroom for any reason, you will need to request a visitor’s pass from the school office. Students are expected to be in the classroom, seated and ready for instruction when the tardy bell rings at 7:55. Parents may drop students off in the morning beginning at 7:15. Students who eat breakfast at school will go directly to the cafeteria. All other students will go to an assigned area until 7:30 at which time they will transition to their classrooms. Adults are on duty in the cafeteria and assigned areas to supervise all children. Students entering the building after 7:55 must be accompanied by an adult and must be signed in at the office. Students arriving after 7:55 will not be admitted to class without a tardy slip from the office.


Regular school attendance is a vital aspect of developing and maintaining a successful educational experience. Regular attendance promotes a sense of responsibility, ensures educational continuity, and facilitates academic growth. Furthermore, daily attendance is important to both the school and the community in that it is the measure by which state funds are allocated to the schools.

A student should adhere to the following attendance policy to assist in the earning of credit or promotion to the next grade in grades K-7:

  • must be present one hundred sixty (160) days for a full year course (maximum twenty (20) absences)

A student should adhere to the following attendance policy to assist in the earning of credit or promotion to the next grade in grades 8-12:

  • must be present eighty-four (84) days for a semester course (maximum six (6) absences)
  • must be present one hundred sixty eight (168) for a full year course (maximum twelve (12) absences)

Please note that three (3) tardies or early checkouts is equivalent to one (l) absence.

Download the complete Student Handbook for more information on the attendance policy.

Code of Conduct

Every student will be given a copy of the Student Code of Conduct that includes the school rules and consequences. Parents should read and discuss the Code of Conduct with their child, sign the form that says you have done so, and return it to the child's teacher.

Click here to download the Code of Conduct.


All medications (both prescription and over the counter) must be presented to the school nurse by the parent/guardian in the original container with the student’s name, date and name of medication. If there are any discrepancies, the medication cannot be administered. At the discretion of the school nurse, certain medications may not be dispensed without a doctor’s orders. All medication will be dispensed in the nurse’s office unless students are on a field trip. Parents may come to school to administer medicine in the nurse’s office. All dispensation of medicine will be recorded and the person dispensing the medicine will initial the daily log sheet. Inhalers and Epi-Pens are the only types of medication which may be carried by a student on his/her person at school. The Prescription Medication Permission Form (SHS-1) must be updated at the beginning of the school year or whenever there is a change in medication or dosage.


Students are encouraged to arrive at school on time as instruction begins as soon as the bell rings. When students arrive after 7:55 a.m., they are considered tardy and must be accompanied into the office by a parent or guardian. The only excused tardies are for medical appointments or late buses. No student will be admitted to class without a tardy slip issued by the office.


Parents and other visitors are always welcome but must first visit the office and receive a visitor’s pass. Classes must not be disturbed. Visitors may be permitted to visit the classroom with permission from the principal. Call the school office to schedule an appointment.

Weather Closings

In the event of bad weather that could cause the school to close, refer to the following radio and television stations for school closing information.

Q-93.7 ...................... 236-0093

Miss 98 ..................... 234-6881

Oldies 95.5 ................ 234-9631

TV channel 9 (Tupelo)

TV channels 3, 5 or 13 (Memphis)

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