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Oxford School District Foundation

Oxford School District staff members are designated by bold italic text.

Leaders in Giving
****Platinum Leaders     ***Gold Leaders     **Silver Leaders     *Bronze Leaders
  • Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Hughes****
  • Dr. and Mrs. Walker Byars**
  • Brad and Allyson Best*
  • The Mike and Camie Bianco Family*
  • Matthew and Lori Johnson*
  • Christine and Harry Rayburn*
  • Ashley and Greg Rhodes*
  • Andrew and Betsy Smith*
Family Members
  • Ann and Dale Abady
  • Maggie and John Abernathy
  • Susie Adams and Charles Quinn
  • Lauren and Charles Alexander
  • Hesham and Natalie Baeshen
  • Baptist Memorial Health Care
  • The Beauchamp Family
  • David O. Bell
  • The Bomba Family
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard Boyd
  • Patrick and Susan Bradley
  • Luanne and Mike Hoffheimer
  • Joey and Tracy Buchanan
  • Cannon Motors LLC
  • Wendy and Jay Carmean
  • Buddy and Barbara Chain
  • Cornerstone Rehab
  • Jill and Steve Cutler
  • Josh and Timeka Davis
  • Jon and LeeLee Desler
  • Jennifer and Ricky Douglas
  • Michael Abraham and Family
  • Lori and Reed Elliott
  • Jason and Lea Farese
  • Donna Levine and David Gershon
  • Go Orthodonics
  • Brad and Meg Grantham
  • Grantham Construction
  • Matthew and Melissa Hall
  • Delvin and Rita Hawley
  • Monie and William Henderson
  • Desiree Hensley and Tucker Carrington
  • High Point Coffee
  • Hinton and Hinton
  • Holcomb, Dunbar, Watts, Best, Masters and Golman, P.A.
  • Sarah and Jeffrey Hollis
  • Amanda and Brian Hyneman
  • Blake, Michael, Meriwether, and Katherine Jacob
  • John and Dorothy Laurenzo
  • Slade and Amy Lewis
  • Kurre and Tara Luber
  • Matt and Ashley Luke
  • Dan Mettern and Elain Gelbard
  • Mayo Mallette PLLC
  • Priscilla McCoy and Roger Waxler
  • Christy R. McCoy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Morgan
  • Ken, Laura, Virginia and Reed Parkinson
  • Oxford Pediatric Group
  • Eric and Melanie Randle
  • Land and Lauren Renfroe
  • Kristie Willett and Jason Ritchie
  • Sandra Robinson
  • Suzette and Overton Shelmire
  • Sharon Andrews and Hans Sinha
  • Elizabeth and Tom Speed
  • Matt and Donna Strum
  • Stephanie and Tom Tann
  • Tannehill, Carmean and McKenzie
  • Pat and Patty Tatum
  • The Children's Dental Center
  • Gray Tollison
  • Denny and Mandi Tosh
  • Larry and Kay Tyler
  • University Sports Medicine
  • Chad and Kendra Vega
  • Jason and Lona Waller
  • Mitch and Debora Wenger
  • White Law Firm
  • Todd and Claire Williamson
  • John Bruce and Meredith Wulff
  • Claire and David Crews
  • Brian and Elizabeth Harvey
Individual Members
  • Kristin and Jeff Busby
  • Dr. Diane Smith Fergusson
  • Mary Beth and Joel Mobley
  • Scott and Candace Vasilyev
  • David and Cynthia Evans
  • Lorena Fonseca
  • Angela Hinton
  • Ashley and Scott Shaws
  • J and Summer Anderson
  • Brian Buckhalter
  • Kenny and Kelly Graeber
  • Lynndy Hurdle
  • Judy Irvin Family
  • Ruth Thompson
  • Sylvia Tropp
The mission of the Oxford School District is to challenge every student to reach his or her maximum potential, thereby
developing highly educated, responsible, college or career ready citizens who will take an active role in society.